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United States
hi i'm chrome
The Bee Movie but every "bee" is replaced with every episode of Seinfeld played 10 times consecutively (where every time "Jerry" or "Kramer" is said the entire history of Japan video plays once and then again in reverse), every "honey" is replaced with We Are Number One slowed down so it lasts for exactly 7 minutes and 3 seconds, every "yellow" is replaced with "black" and every "black" is replaced with "yellow", every time someone blinks the movie freezes for 5 seconds, every time a new music track starts the Bee Movie trailer plays 10 times, then 50 times in reverse, 100 times sped up and then played normally once again, every time bright green is shown the entire Shrek quadrilogy plays, every time the color yellow is shown the Emoji Movie trailer plays, every time an inanimate object with more than one part is shown the entire video replays up until that point in time, where it resumes from where it previously was, every vowel makes the bass louder, every time a character opens their mouth Smash Mouth - All Star plays, every time a character changes their facial expression every episode of LazyTown plays, every time a character goes off-screen a YouTube video with less than 100 views is played 10 times and then 20 times in reverse, every time someone says someone else's name (who physically appears in the movie) a random clip of where that someone appears in the movie is played in slow motion, every frame in which liquid is shown (including honey) the movie freezes for 0.31830 seconds and then resumes but at a much slower speed which is then set back to normal in the next frame, every time a character looks at the camera video editing is applied to erase them from the scene for the frames in which they're looking at the camera, every laugh is played again 1,000 times (which each time getting quicker), every time clothing is shown a random movie where Jerry Seinfeld appears is played, every time Kenny appears a compilation of his grunts and screams plays, every time grass appears the video plays backwards for 10-60 seconds, every time a character meets eyes with another character almost every movie created in 2012-2015 plays, every time something made of paper is shown the camera zooms in on it while Gentle Breeze plays, every time text is shown the two SpongeBob Movies play, every scene where there are no living beings present a random JonTron video plays but it's slowed by 9000%, every time a hand is shown a lewd Bee Movie fanfiction is read aloud by a text-to-speech voice, every time a vehicle is shown (including planes) the video becomes more blurry, every time someone acts villainous the audio bounces between the left ear to the right ear, every time someone acts scared or cowardly the credits play, every time a new character is introduced the movie freezes as a text-to-speech voice counts down from 5,000, every time a character jumps the video reverses to the beginning and then resumes 5 minutes before the character jumped, every time a character stands up from a position in which they aren't standing up, a greenscreen of Kenny with winter boots saying "Stand back, these are winter boots!" plays, every time both Barry and Adam are shown an AMV of the two together plays (and every time the color blue, red or green is shown in the AMV, it freezes for 17 minutes and 28 seconds), every time a human being is shown a movie that lasts for over two hours is shown and then played again in reverse, every time food (including honey) is shown an advertisement for that food plays, every time someone yells that video of a waffle falling is played, every time something scary happens a playthrough of Luigi's Mansion is shown (and every time Luigi is scared a playthrough of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is shown in which every time the color green is shown the entire Bee Movie plays but it's not edited and it's completely normal), every time someone holds a weapon the first seasons of Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Regular Show are played, every frame in which only one living being is present Dark Dungeons plays 5,000 times and then 10,000 times in reverse (and every time magic is shown the movie freezes for 1 hour), every frame in which a circular object is shown the Bee Movie script is read by a text-to-speech voice 30 times, every time something awkward happens Wreck-it Ralph is played 2,038 times (and every time a character speaks the entire Bee Movie plays), every time a person is shown for the second time after their introduction, their introduction scene is replayed 10 times, every word spoken plays a song from the Undertale Soundtrack, every time a character touches their head the movie 300 plays 300 times, every time someone is still the entire Lorax movie plays in reverse twice, with each frame decreasing the speed by 0.01%, every time a powdery substance is shown an interview with a random singer is played 1,000 times but every time it plays it's slower than the previous time by 5%, when the "Ya like jazz?" scene is played the video freezes as 30 jazz songs play all at once as the camera zooms in on Barry's face, and every time someone is hurt Bring Me to Life plays against a black screen as a random picture of a skeleton fades into view (and every time "wake me up" is said the Kidz Bop version of the song plays 5 times).


background erase
i'll erase the background of any image (making it a transparent asset to use)
bad art
i will draw things for you.



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